PUBG Mobile Starts 2nd Anniversary Celebration With New Events, Rewards

PUBG Mobile has completed two years of its launch in March 2018. As expected, PUBG Mobile is celebrating its second anniversary with new events and special awards.

The 2nd anniversary events are already live on PUBG Mobile and players can start participating in them.  There is a new amusement park mode in the Erangel map and in the classic mode.  It is an old-school amusement park, spread over three locations on the map.  The amusement park is full of interactive arcade machines that can be activated using game tokens.

The amusement park has attractions like 'Game Hunt Game', 'Space War', park what's in the box ', has shooting range', amp trumpoline 'and' launcher '.The high-rise launcher is located in the middle of the amusement park and players can use their parachutes to move up and glide in the air Again. Players can participate in events, score goals and earn special prizes.  Here, players can also open the return of 'First Anniversary Cake Collection', 'Second Anniversary New Mini-Games Achievement' and 'Anniversary Login Special Achievement'.

PUBG Mobile also launched the new Royale Pass season 12 "2gether we play" on 12 March.  The new PUBG mobile season comes with festive items and special prizes.  This season, players can choose a final set between the two with dynamic effects.  PUBG Mobile is also bringing back its first anniversary themed item to the redemption shop.

PUBG Mobile had updated 0.17.0 with features such as Death Replay, the return of Hardcore Mode and a new teamwork system.  All new updates and features are available on PUBG Mobile.

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