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The WhatsApp A day , for both social and commercial reasons. Maybe you've a gaggle chat for work - or maybe a secret work group chat you can't find your boss. Well, if you add people thereto group through the app's 'Invite to group link' feature, Google (and possibly your boss) can access your private conversations. This latest privacy breach was discovered by Tech journalist and WhatsApp who about "interesting groups" he could access.

Your WhatsApp groups won't be as secure as you think that that they are . With the "Invite to Group by Link" feature, groups are often indexed by Google and are generally available on the online . With some wildcard search terms you'll easily find something interesting. Whenever you publish a link for others to hitch a WhatsApp group, the link is indexed by Google, meaning it are often searched kind of an internet site , and accessed by strangers. Many technical publications have experimented with discoveries. The motherboard managed to use WhatsApp groups for the United Nations , also as several links to non-public online link - sharing groups.

Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, told Tech magazine The Verge, Like all content shared across public channels that are searched, publicly posted links on the online are often found by other WhatsApp users links that users Want to share with people privately they know and trust not posted on publicly accessible website Should.
that the problem is making 470,000 groups vulnerable because of so-called "misconceptions" by WhatsApp. With many groups searching online, users need to know that posting a link to a private WhatsApp group will allow others to access that link through Google, allowing you to protect yourself and making the group private. So, send direct links to the people you'd wish to hitch . Where a site allows URL to be publicly listed. we provide tools to allow sites to dam content to be listed in our results.

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